Saturday, February 25, 2012

Still In Conflict With This World

Doing the knowledge....damn!! I realized I'm still in conflict with this world! 

Had to acknowledge...going along with the status quo is difficult if not impossible to do; you'll disappear like Jeremy Lin did in the Rising Stars Challenge game...especially after the drama unfurled! 

How's that working? whose putting it down like Kyrie Irving? rocks are hurled like Gaza Strip type drama!! but  with us they're put in the form of words and beats! 

How's that working? that's what they ask me...but I know the system knocks the hustle of a brotha; some collaborate...they possess the capacity to withhold the the GOP concerning high gas prices...suits replace hoods and sheets...

How's that working? we're dedicated to the truth...extraordinary flexibility is required for success..but like in Afghanistan these brothas feel the stress..we  just might flip!! rolling like Doobie Bros..taking it to the streets! 

How's that working? whose with me? as I blast off like Atlas Five... chilled with Plutonians and Martians ...while earthlings will just shuck and jive...but only with anger can we survive..meanwhile Atlas Shrugged..while cell phones were bugged..the apparatus alt shifts deletes...
...From the streets of Louisville to the ATL; on up to Charlotte..I'm in the heart of it..some call it the Bible Belt!

I'm in conflict with the world; its a Ghetto like War mentioned!! check these scriptures...similar to the books and scrolls of Torah; this is how cats writing the bible felt!

Gamblers out for a fast buck dealt bad cards; I was peeping game like a doctor checking your pulse!

Ramblers off at the mouth were just snitching!! these days called whistle blowers..blowing off steam was an impulse! 

The reign began with a drizzle;  now clouds burst..were caught up in the storm!

I'm in conflict with this world!! politicked with the brethren on the Obama like state of the union; things are far from the norm!

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