Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Behind Schedule But Still A Step Ahead

Check me out; damn!! I'm behind schedule...whats up man? will I change my venue like Obama from Bank of America Stadium to the Time Warner Arena? its easy to get caught up in the drama...but I'm still a step ahead! 

No need for the rogaine; rocking the baldy proudly..but I have the persona of a dread! 

Dedicated like a Dead Head listening to Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia! 

Dedicated to the truth and reality; whats the cliche?  it is what it is!! ....and its gonna be whats its gonna be; even Simon Baz aka Green Lantern can't come to the rescue...I told homie I see ya!

I'm all in...down in the mine rocking the hard hat with the lantern on top..but the drama didn't stop....some try to play the truth game; so I let the hustlers hustle and the players play!

We were dodging South African authorities trying to shoot us, others were like Republicans..they didn't give a hoot about us...I said alright!!....I let them figure it out on their own; I told them to have a nice day! 

.....As I continue on my way; dropping this good word and the funky sound...I'm behind schedule but still ten steps ahead! 

Moving at a high velocity but I've got the speed you need; but some will wait in the dark instead! 

Trying to stay ahead...but the system is like a Costa Rica earthquake..they try to shake things delayed my arrival..but I'm here; but big homie said when I showed up I was on time! he was like Spice 1and Tupac; worried about survival..he kept his hand on his gun!! he said they had him on the run; but like the Brothers Johnson he's Right On Time! 

Brothas like me do it right; going all out for mine!! but this brotha  felt the pressure ....I'm running behind schedule!

....but still ten steps ahead; doing the math....letting my people know!

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