Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Food For Thought

Lets get it started like MC Hammer!!  as I hit you up with this food for thought! 

Whose a part of it...the conspiracy?  I see they're in the slammer or rehab like Billy Gillipsie ...whats the deally? that fool got caught! 

The old, new, and next school taught lessons to those paying attention! 

.....That is if they weren't too broke because of the economy;  or even taking the wrong steps like Mark Zuckerburg...you heard?  some are actually through dealing! 

Actually I'm through chilling....this Louisville / Newburg brotha is ready to do it...so lets get started;  as I launch this Sonic Assault! 

O-Dizzle will drop the beat....he's a funky type of soul brotha;  while O-Zone has this food for thought! 

Whats the dizzle?....this is not the food network..but he is a chef in soul's kitchen getting busy;  providing nourishment! 

So So Def like Jermaine and them were back in the day....maybe somebody can work with this! 

Doing it to death like the JB's!! all up in the buffet like Golden Corral...some jokers will get greedy! 

A fool got caught way way out there!! I received a call..like Netanyahu calling Obama....they said they needed me! 

All I had for them was this food for thought; as I drop this breakbeat science on them! 

Its rough out here!! a fool got caught now......like Tupac all eyes are on them!

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