Monday, September 10, 2012


As we proceed and continue; taking this mystic the Mars Rover ...we take this intergalactic exploration! 

True indeed!!  chefs bring the ill menu; they're faking...acting erratic!! check out the exploitation! 

True indeed!! football season is underway...offensive and defensive coordinators develop game plans to exploit the situation; they're like the GOP.. plots and schemes are developed! 

True indeed!!  some wonder about the reason for the treason;  bearing witness to what pushing the envelope did! 

Gold exploration part of the exploitation in South Africa; now miners get fired on! 

Old school / back in the day color coordination revealed in Downtown Atlanta ; a joker was rocking platform shoes and polyester suits.... Huggy Bear style!!  ignoring the date that style expired on! 

Chilling at Magic exploitation the name of the game? how did they work it? 

Some are through dealing...its tragic..but there's no the teachers strike in Chicago...jokers like Mitt Romney see a window of opportunity...they'll exploit the situation....check out how they work it...

Movies part of black exploitation per Superfly and Shaft; as brothas and sistas get the shaft; its foul!!  the date you were fired on? it was cherished by Donald didn't produce your birth certificate! 

Its foul!! but the Sonic Assault will thump; check out  the's landed back down on earth; bear witness to how we work it! 

As we bear witness to how the system works it; we're  hip to the exploitation! 

Resources get jacked....stereotypes enhanced; who advanced?  as people are caught up in the system / matrix;  in an unpleasant situation!

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