Thursday, September 13, 2012

Food For Thought PT.2

I was chilling like a villain..or like a the kitchen the food for thought is marinating!

Jokers were snitching....or like Pastor Terry Jones...hateful movies they were pitching... but those fools were caught after they did their share of hating! 

Rules are taught; part of the street code...but jokers will violate it rolling through danger zones like the Mideast / Muslim world...they didn't act right! 

Schools of thought were attended by these brothas; O-Zone has this good word...while O-Dizzle will make sure the track is tight! 

Backs were against the wall; we had to fight....that's what this fool was taught! 

We didn't get the story twisted like Rush Limbaugh...whatcha know? a lot of experience was gained.....I pass it on; serving you this food for thought! 

The drama is visited then revisited...jokers need to watch their mouth / diet....out there drunk like Sally Struthers...that fool was caught... 

The drama is visited and revisited...some brothas thought they were greasy chicken from Churches and Popeye's...check the high cholesterol their systems? the food is caught..

What was it that a fool thought?  this meal is prepared with herbs and spices! 

I see a fool was caught out there;  selling bath salts, x-tablets, and herb from Jamaica...Usain Bolt OG kush? whats the rush? he said his products were the nicest!

Herbs and Busters had an identity crisis; they should have played their positions! 

No justice no peace!! that's food for we undertake these missions!

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