Sunday, September 16, 2012

Some Are Still Contributing To The Confusion In The World

There was a in Libya...US embassy's security; now some will contribute to the confusion in the world! 

There was a shift in energy; will the Chicago teacher strike end?  my intuition is working overtime...the truth was the drama will unfurl! 

La la land residents didn't get likes on Facebook..their news feeds were blocked...but some will get the last laugh like Mike Vick...

"La La La means I love you" types like the Delfonics  were found to be tricking...face to face with a crook? others like Mullage said its alright "if you've got it!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! some found out the jokes on them...whats the response to this? please!! US troops in Afghanistan ...whats up man? they found out there's no benevolence.. while they were daydreaming they got jacked! 

Rah Rah types once optimistic become skeptical after the website  or even their smartphone got hacked!

Blah blah candidates were like Mitt Romney...they lacked substance!!  the stories couldn't be verified! 

Ha!! ha!! ha!! per jokes from the comedians contributing to the confusion in the world; after somebody lied! 

Jokers were impeding progress..somebody cried after the Total Chaos took a toll on them! 

Jokers were speeding through the galaxy swerving!! soon they crash and burn..taking a loss after they saw authorities roll up on them! 

They were just contributing to the confusion anyway; observing the scene in these hostile territories..I jumped to that conclusion! 

Jokers were disputing the truth while we were dedicated to it;  with visions of winning not losing!

Jumped To That Conclusion ...That Some Contribute To The Confusion This World....Check Out This Mix From Brotha O 


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