Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Saga / Struggle Continues...But We'll Prevail

Damn!!!  they don't stop's another episode; the saga / struggle continues! 

Damn!! I keep dealing with these chefs in hell's kitchen preparing ill menus! 

Whatcha been through? whatcha going through? please!! some are stressed like Mike Vick with nobody to block for you... you might know what I'm talking about! 

Or maybe like the Charlotte Observer vs Cam Newton.. acting like you knew...acting brand new again.....word from Maserati Rick?  I see zombies stalking about! 

So whats up with it? authorities were yellow crime scene taping it .....white chalking it out;  some were acting false in the hood..jokers were making a killing! 

Like Wall Street brokers...Bernie Madoff or Jim Donnan style ..with the Deliberate Falsehood...check out the shady dealing! 

New world order per Ahmadinejad? I told these actors and actresses to miss me with the drama...I'm sick of them! 

I'm all about this breakbeat scientific business...check the  knowledge I kick to them! 

A foul one will get slick with them...pepper spray them like students at UC Davis; who'll behave with this?  glitches in the matrix were introduced!

Some said its all the saga /struggle continue as witches and warlocks seduced!

 O-Dizzle rocked beats are produced; O-Zone has the good word ...check out how we get down! 

Hustles are knocked in these streets...some are like Romney they talk the other sideways glances revealed how these folks get down!

Being built or torn down?  debatable circumstances have us wondering! 

As the saga / struggle continues...but we keep it moving; just like orbital / space junk through the universe were wandering!

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