Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Sonic Assault / The Appointment Confirmation

Check this mission statement; please!! were all about the Sonic Assault; check the steady bombardment! 

Its the response to the Hostile Takeover; all up in hostile territory its Baghdad....were up in the heart of it....but we proceed and we confirm our appointment

Check the hot style used to tell the story;  don't start it and there wont be none!!...I told the so called anointed...that's what I had to tell a joker! 

Check the hot we confirm our appointment...heard what was said...sounding like Mitt Romney...there was no point in it...I had to tell a joker..

Check the hot tornadoes hitting NYC...O-Zone has this good word and O-Dizzle is the beat broker! 

Check the steelo /swag; its not in my file....the selling out phase; word from a Louisville / Newburg brotha;  not another that's confused with Dracula per Bram Stoker! 

Check the steelo / I holla atcha...damn!!  a joker is out here tripping!!! whats the deal?  they want me to merge with the apparatus! 

The architect had plans for us all to be caught up in the system / matrix! 

No respect when dealing with a joker that fakes it; their mind state was altered by the drank, weed, or bath salts! 

Jokers even had the Usain Bolt OG kush...they continue to check the response from these breakbeat scientists; as we launch Sonic Assaults! 

We were dipping fast like Usain Bolt....confirming our appointment...but cashing reality checks taught us that's its all an illusion! 

Check these breakbeat scientists...were not we bring the rebuttal to the Total Chaos and confusion!



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