Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feeling The Energy / Something Ain't Right

Feeling the energy..... what will the deal be? "something ain't right" per Keith Sweat... morale was low;  plus the flow was lethargic! 

I mean really.....whats the deally? car bombs still blast in Iraq; in Kabul Afghan insiders continue to do that!! passes were thrown like Jim Zorn to Steve Largent! 

.....Seattle Seahawks with Russell Wilson;  but some are through dealing...a brotha can see how this goes; I'm in the heart of it the hostile territory! 

DJ Drama hits you up with the drama at the BET Awards here in Young Jeezy and Rick Ross go at it....meanwhile the beat and prose is delivered by this hot messenger; using a hot style to tell the story!

Feeling the energy....whats up with that? the full moon in Aries can make the drama come to your front door..what did jokers front for? some fell from they're in need of a hug! 

The devil will oppose per the old school Baptist preacher; reality will teach some are in need of a mug! 

.....a mug of beer or hot coffee; what are they on? getting off will be the mission!

....or finding a new drug kratom to get their minds right;  maybe they can pay attention! 

....maybe they can pay their bill again to keep the energy flowing! 

LGE...Florida, Georgia or Duke Power..whoever; Louisville, Jacksonville, the ATL or Charlotte are knowing! 

They're feeling the energy....."something ain't right" ..things are depressing per homie; things are tight in these hoods! 

But we proceed and continue..were trying to comeback like Tiger Woods!

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