Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Its like Heatwave; with the mind blowing decisions...choices are made! 

Some misbehave..blowing chances; attacking embassies like in Libya...the wrong decisions were made ..they heard voices; advice was given..but its all a charade!

A masquerade per George Benson....whats the deal with these?  some were curious like George; multiplication and division used in the equation when they did the math! 

How was the game played? was it with precision per the Sun / Mercury conjunction in Virgo?  hope they're on the right path! 

Hope they studied the right math; like Jim Calhoun retiring from coaching UConn...forcing the AD to keep Kevin Ollie... soon they're backed into a corner! 

No where to run or hide; jokers tried to play it like Slave and Slide; now they're caught up in the system / matrix that's out of order! 

Whats are the choices?  might need to the Lord can order your steps!

Like the GMWA Women Of how will you work it?
I see you trying to climb out of the abyss.....but the devil put grease on the steps! 

But a joker steps like they're in a HBCU fraternity or sorority! 

Full of adrenalin!! check the choices a player made..they said something about getting it in; per Kid whats the deally?  soon subject to fraternal orders running the territory! 

Subject to the authority;  said they were on to something!! but they couldn't pass the test; scores were from zero to 60...subjects to drama royalty were fooled by the multiple choices! 

Now others are working it out like Negro National Anthems; everyone is singing...lifting voices!

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