Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Execution

Thinking of a master plan like Paid In Full by Eric B and Rakim and them; then I execute it! 

Thinking of the Masters Plan; rolling with G-O-D...trying to stay in sync; but the system will misbehave with this...like Troy Davis you can get executed! 

Occupy Atlanta once chilled in Troy Davis Park..whats up? now the whole movement is waiting in the dark...the plan? they don't know how to execute it...

Its no lie...who will understand a bruh? Mitt Romney and Bain Capital will hit up the treasury...they'll loot it..

What will the response be? you can get electrocuted or get the lethal injection; the ultimate overdoses! 

Plus the truth is disputed even though were dedicated to it; please!!  these funk doctors are asking; whats the prognosis? 

....But aware of the information overload...the old okey doke...the devil will oppose this; acknowledged when I was speaking with the church deacon..some think they have the green light like John Legend! 

....With help from Andre 3000...or a caste of thousands..batting a thousand? winning or losing? either way they're streaking; plans are executed...soon a suburban or urban legend! 

Working it all out in the Chevy Suburban with blacked out windows..or the old school Acura Legend; the 90's model! 

Fly like homie's  90's Lexus...so whats next for us? whats next for them? ...as we face opposition..plans are executed on some old Charles Barkley sh@xt before Weight Watchers; saying don't call them a role model! 

Whats next for us? plans are executed; they cant stop a bro!! said there would be no deliberate falsehood....acting false in the hood will not be an option! 

Plans are executed; we bump heads with slick ones like Vladimir Putin and them..damn!! some said they're never quitting and never stopping!

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