Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life Is Hectic / But We Proceed And Continue

We kept it moving....similar to being on the road to Damascus like anti-regime groups in we proceed and continue; but were realizing life is hectic! 

True indeed!! especially if your outside the box like me..what can you ask us? we're not up in the network! 

True indeed....bounties are out for the anti-Islam film jokers said they're trying to get work.... but I hope its the good kind! 

The Negro College Fund commercial said a mind is a terrible thing to waste; especially the good kind! 

Negro please!!! dude will "holla at me" ...because I'm the hood kind; who will work with a bro? please!! I'm fighting like Jon Jones in UFC 152...acting like I knew....but I see the morale is low all up in the spot! 

Check the swag /steelo...O-Zone's  good word and and O-Dizzle's brand new funk; that's the style when I'm all up in the spot! 

But life is hectic...meanwhile another hero tried to roll up when Tina Turner told us we didn't need one! 

Check the mathematics....another zero behind the decimal threw the equation off!!  now companies are laying off...its a struggle trying to feed one! 

Abe Lincoln supposedly freed one or another; but citizens are still caught up in the system / matrix! 

Not blinking when we stare into the eye of the tiger...not trying to be on the one with it like dude who jumped into the exhibit at the Bronx Zoo...but we proceed and continue; I was never the type to fake it!

Not thinking? please!! my mind works overtime..acting like I is hectic...please....its tight in these hoods....

But we proceed and continue...check the comeback..a brotha rolls like Florida State Seminoles...trying to put it down like Tiger Woods..

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