Friday, September 28, 2012

Exploitation PT.2

They brought the drama to your was like Republicans mad at Mitt Romney...what will the response be?  please ..I was chilling at the compound...but I even heard gunshots outback!

Whose chilling at the BET Awards? some people tried to get away on I-285 in Atlanta caught in traffic behind the Subara Outback! 

Jokers exploit the situation...on a world tour or Award Tour per Tribe Called Quest?  riding down Peachtree Street smoking smoke drifts out of the Cadillac Escalade! 

Jackers exploit the situation....busters will get played...hustlers were in the old Cadillac Sedan Deville like the brothas in Louisville roll in....whatcha knowing? in the cut they laid..

Checked the reminded me of my peeps in Detroit that had the Caddie; its worth more than their raggedy how is the game played? 

Hackers exploit the situation; what were they facing? they were caught up in the system / matrix...soon flipping out like James Holmes in Aurora after they found out about the illusion..the charade...

You'll get played...jokers exploit the situation... as they get theirs ...soon smashing and grabbing! 

Soon they'll fill the void....old dude told them to choose their poison; now some are snorting bath salts, smoking weed, and brown paper bagging! 

Some even tried the Kratom....meanwhile O-Zone is cutting and pasting..dropping and dragging this good word..exploiting the situation! 

Watch your mouth!! watch your tone!! I told Mitt Romney types boasting and bragging about 47 percenters..jokers will try to exploit a situation!

So whatcha facing? bumping heads with circumventers..contracts? they'll null and void them...

So whatcha facing? between spoiled ballots and Voter ID laws ...slick politicians exploit the situation..

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