Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Hold Up / Robbery / Burglary

As we proceed and continue; whats the deal? please!!.....I'm like the Pres. Obama...I'm  just trying to get somebody to work with me!

Whats on the menu? chefs are in hell's kitchen...progress is impeded;  its like a robbery or burglary!

The crooks will put in work I see; desktop or laptop...pen or pencil...rocket or missile...the media will diss you; was OJ Simpson's bloody glove tampered with by Johnnie Cochran..? please..these jokers will get amped with it...they're sick with it / slick with it!

The hustle? jokers are knocking they need antibiotics or narcotics?  meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock this; O-Zone has this good word...thats how we kick it!

Like the Taliban up in Kabul...jokers will act a fool!!...all up in your district; like exterminators trying to disinfect the area! 

Whats the deal man? jokers will act a fool!! there's Total Chaos;  check the mass hysteria!

Whats the deal man? jokers will act a fool!! they were after Mass Appeal like Gang Guru and DJ Premier mentioned; but like rebels over in Syria...they face obstacles! 

Crooks impede progress with the hold up / robbery or burglary;  check how they work those! 

Crooks talk junk like Mitt Romney; I heard those stories..they pumped up how theyre living!

What will the response be? in the ATL they got crunk;  in the NYC jokers dodged the domain awareness system! 

So how you living? satellites tracked while you said you macked;  play on player! 

As I drop these insights; rebuking the hold up / robbery / burglary;  they were hating on a player!

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