Saturday, September 15, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles / Stuck Behind The Duece and A Quarter

The saga / struggle continues I'm rolling up in the hooptie..dipping down I-20 in Atlanta! 

Listening to Stand by Sly and The Family Stone;  the brotha Youngblood was getting down on Kiss 104...meanwhile I was stuck behind the deuce and quarter..Buick Electra 225 for the slow 80's model big bodied one!! somebody might understand a bruh!

Gambler out for a fast buck style!!  like brokers and stock futures;  the joker was acting brand new with ya..had a gangster lean going ...talking on a cell phone! this prankster was holding up progress! 

Damn!!  O-Dizzle is just trying to get his swagger back before the last hour...maybe the New Moon In Virgo will work...soon letting go of the stress!

Dealing with the Total did it work bro? the reign became heavy after the like Mike Vick vs the media...trying to get the dagger out of my back so I can move forward! 

The pain was dealt with during the healing process; now I exercise power like a forward!

 But whats up with it? I'm not surprised...jokers act the Bears and Jay Cutler..might have to cut them from the team! 

Whats up with it?  jokers hold up progress like homie in the deuce and a quarter...on another realm?  behind the scenes  jokers plot and scheme! 

The American Dream turns into a nightmare; Chicago teachers bear boundary or border is recognized! 

Meanwhile I'm sharing this dream...what does it all mean?  check these clearance rack epiphanies; value meals or supersized?

I'm not surprised...jokers think their cool in the deuce and quarter; ...I'm not mad at them...I had one back in the day!

 But I had to pass homie up; I'm transition...moving forward until somebody else gets back in the way!

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