Monday, September 24, 2012

Change Or Be Changed

What was the word on the curb? it was like Israel vs Iran...the prophetess said change or be changed! 

I'm ready to roll after I observed the scene; I noticed the cards had been shuffled by gamblers out for a fast buck...they were rolling like Village Voice Pimps...everything was on the backpage...its rearranged!

Oh yeah!!!! we're back...our minds are engaged..O-Dizzle's beats still banged...he gets down.....and this good word is dropped! 

Thought and fashion police were still rolling..Chris Brown knows; but some crooks were still a step ahead..they weren't caught when the bait was dropped!

Facebook's stock dropped...face to face with a crook? some stopped...others thought public education was a waste..they dropped out of school; now security cameras caught them pulling a caper! 

Republicans like Ann Coulter flip flopped..moving forward? some stopped...change or be changed?  check the technology...plastic or paper? 

Danger zones make some respect the psychology...noises were made by jokers wearing flip flops....the natives are restless!

A change is gonna come per Sam Cooke...slow like the drip drop from C.I.A. waterboarding in Afghanistan?....while another was hoarding..whats up man? the stranger was just another crook; but he won't get the best of us! 

....even though we know there's no rest for us...the saga / struggle continues!

Chefs stay busy in hell's kitchen; the meals aren't nutritious on these menus! 

Beats bang in these venues!! the Sonic Assault is unleashed plus check the Random Thoughts From A Brotha! 

Whats really go on? change or be  changed was preached...maybe somebody will be reached...before they're caught out there on some other other!

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