Saturday, September 22, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles/ I Still Recognize The Pattern

Back at the scene of the the renewed unrest in Libya;  I'm seeing what it do...I could already recognize the pattern!

Back down to earth like the Space Shuttle Endeavour..what can I tell ya?  the mothership has landed...usually chilling on Pluto / Mars or Saturn! 

Now I'm back down here on I-20 in Atlanta.....stuck in traffic behind a Saturn and a Subaru Outback! 

Dealing with G-8 and G-20 decisions made at the Jackson Hole ...acting like I knew...going all out;  but the drama is back! said it never left a brotha is back up in the spot...but I see nobody is checking for me! 

....unless scapegoats are needed then they try to set me up;  disrespecting me! 

....or we play ourselves like Mitt Romney...whose electing me...a caste of thousands? it gets stereotypical! 

What will the response be? drama like Sons of Anarchy?  please!! O-Dizzle is wrecking beats in / analog stereo ...when we get you!

.....surrounded by these pitiful ones..Steve Harvey / Tom Joyner listeners or Republicans tuning in to Sean Hannity! 

....told a joker not to start with me...I could recognize the pattern;
 might have to invoke diplomatic immunity!

As we dip down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie....right at the moment of the fall equinox ....this Negro rocks....shining like northern lights...

Patterns are recognized...the system / matrix knocks the need to debate it like Obama / we drop these insights...

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