Monday, September 17, 2012

The Hold Up / Burglary /Robbery PT.2

We're all up in the spot....after Hezbollah said protests against the anti-Islamic film are on!! now its easy to get jacked;  were in the danger zone! 

Caught up in the system / matrix; whats up with ya?  its easy to get macked;  so what are you on? 

....wasn't brought up with a snitch that faked it...please!! they were dealt with...old dude said choose your poison....get your weight up!!  and keep it moving..or you'll get gaffled! 

These days?  jokers lose weight per Charles Barkley and weight watchers...or they hit the duodenal switch...but check out the hold up / robbery or burglary;  in Atlanta the tourists look baffled! 

Don't even start with me...Louisville / Newburg told me how the staff will do; now bear witness to what this math will do..check out the critical stage of some ask; who will work with me? 

Hill of Horror in Johannesburg type business? Pluto in Capricorn ...the death and rebirth of me? 

Smoke and mirrors type of business? that's the deal!! so whatcha know? auras and swaggers are stolen!

Like Tiger Woods I'm even trying to get my swagger back, trying to catch up on my pimping! 

But its tight in these hoods...not a simple thing; the dagger in my back has me mad at the world! 

Whats good? old school..rocking a LA Dodger snapback in the ATL;  Tyga said they were back..but in Syria rocks are hurled!

During the mass hysteria Occupy Wall Street is back..meanwhile O-Dizzle rocks;  he's rebuking the hold up / burglary /robbery! 

...knowing plans fizzle; plus enemies plot and scheme on nuking the compound; like Craig Mack can I get down? who will work with me?

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