Thursday, June 06, 2013

Change Of Scenery PT.3 / The Relocation

 I dipped on them!! like Julian Assange  posted up in the embassy I was in another spot;  check the relocation! 

Some slipped on them...the slick surface; they didn't know how to work this!! what's up with the training?  what's the vocation?

Some flipped on them!! thats while  I was maintaining ...while others were whistle blowing like Bradley Manning! 

Some tripped on them!! found out jokers were armchair quarterbacks; unlike Eli or Peyton Manning! 

The devil is a liar!! like Nigeria and Boko Haram there's too much hating and no understanding!! that's why I needed a change of scenery!

 I'm on another level!! if I keep moving good things happen; now some act brand new with me! 

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