Thursday, June 06, 2013

Check The Status PT.6

Peeping game like the NSA does Verizon phone records...checking the status;  but not just on Twitter or Facebook! 

Sleeping in the game? its surprising some!!  jokers are telling you to check it in or run it;  now some are bitter!! they're face to face with a crook! 

Caught out in a storm like Andrea!! staring into the eye of the tiger!! their face had that look;  was that doubt?

This updated version of a freedom fighter is on the case!! he's going all out! 

The apparatus hated!! they even checked my status when I was trying to keep it moving...but everything wasn't working;  I even pulled an "all nighter"  its like an Ali-Frazier championship bout!

Checked the status; ah!! its summer in the ATL;  parking lot pimping was in affect!! the smell of altered Swishers blending with honeysuckles;  know what I'm talking about? 

Checked the status; ah!!  catching up on their pimping was the mission for ATL wannabe macks and divas; somebody might know what I'm talking about! 

Check the status...were putting it down...but its not a simple thing even though were going all out!!

Checked the status;  jokers under the influence were stalking about;  they need to get over it  like Dr Phil would tell them! 

Checked the status; acting brand new with this?  they even fronted on Louisville!! found out the real deal!! now coping strategies fail them! 

Snitches tell on them like Bradley Manning type whistle blowers;   jokers mentioning point shaving and price gouging! 

Check the status;  whatcha know about this?  corporations misbehaving?  it ain't nothing nice!! but crooked CEO's were spotted lounging!

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