Saturday, January 11, 2014

Perpetual Motion PT.4 / Good Things Happen When I Keep It Moving

No interference when the epiphany came through!!  good things happen when I keep it moving! 

Check out the perpetual motion..clearance rack epiphanies will spell it out!!  plus O-Dog will keep grooving! 

Any clearance for that?  Edward Snowden  received it!!  but my kind are under scrutiny! 

The vision is clear!  fresh!  I can see some are acting brand new with me!

 The mission is clear ! drop this breakbeat science!!  once again its on! 

The impression was made!!  I stay in perpetual motion..I kept on running!! this life is a marathon! 

But sometimes I sacrifice; it's more than a notion..this ain't nothing nice!!  but the polar vortex showed us its a cold world! 

Jesus Christ!! Lord Help!!  is heard from masses!!  lessons learned from the old world! 

Whats up with us?  new and old drama unfurled!! like in Fort Lee New Jersey with Chris Christie...its jumping off on all fronts! 

Whats up with us?  not acting brand new!! like Target security breaches drama will jump off anywhere while a brotha gathers and hunts!

 Dropping math!! not one who pulls stunts!!  like the drama I'm local, national, international and intergalactic!

Not dropping on this path!! trying to stay strong!! bumping heads with the irrational..the epitome of a fanatic..

Dropping funk...hip is a marathon!!  you need stamina! 

I kept moving!! staying in perpetual motion..good things happen!!  whether you do or don't somebody will damn ya!

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