Friday, September 12, 2014

Alt Shift Delete

It's going down like Miami without Lebron!! damn!!  we feel the heat. 

Somebody might understand me; word from Ray Rice or even Adrian Peterson;  they felt the pressure per the O-Dog beat

Alt shift delete was the Webmaster's business!! that's for those files that weren't working properly. 

Alt shift delete delete was matrix architect type business for those styles that aren't working properly. 

....Or maybe Hunger Games business!!! but it's hard to defeat God's Property per Kirk Franklin!!

O-Dizzle puts work in; it's based on being hungry and thirtsy!!  this veteran in the game puts in blue collar style work!! the funk is stanking. 

It's hard out here for a pimp / player; who'll work with me?  who's really big banking? 

It's rough out here!!  it's not a simple thing player!! just ask Oscar Pistorius aka the Blade Runner; but we should know how the story is!! especially if we lack top ranking!!

It's rough out here!! it's not a simple thing player!!  but I'm thanking God for blessing me.

Inside jokers are at the comedy show with alt shift delete routines;  they're stressing me!

....and you;  what it do?  it's like protests in Ferguson;  no justice no peace is the catch phrase. 

Act like you knew about the alt shift delete policy that seems to be the style these days.  

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