Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Like This!!! I Had Another One

 I was chilling out!! I was all up in the spot;  like Richard Sherman's skills  supposedly exposed by San Diego I'm trying not to lose it!! trying not to come undone!!

 I'm not through dealing out here in Babylon!! I kept working!!  check out these breakbeat scientific skills!! it's what I'm on!! so now I have another one. 

It's another episode of the Sonic Assault!! no Ferguson Missouri shady deals are allowed!! a brotha is not the one!!  I had to cut the corner on them. 

....After laying in the cut minding and tending; good word dropping and beat blending!! check the process!! I'm not cutting corners on them. 

Please!!  I own them!! what?  these breakbeat scientific  by-products.

Please!!  I'm on to them and those!! hip to the Hunger Game type  peacekeepers / stormtroopers: who's rolling with the thought and fashion police sweating my conduct? 

Flagrant agents pull a stunt on us; reality creeped up on us and  duped us!!  now we try to seek revenge when karma will take care of it. 

While they're faking it they'll get what's coming to them!!  more than their share of it. 

Double for the trouble per Job 42:12? but who had a stake in it?  they're loving how the drama unfolds. 

Now they're caught up in the system / matrix as the machine mutilates and folds. 

Hell was caught; what it do? damn!! I even had to curb the 1973 Olds Delta 88 after the engine died. 

I had to curb my appetite as the drama unfolds;  Delta Forces roll up on us like they were trying to save James Foley!! I guess this is what it sounds like when doves cried

Per Prince; now we're getting it right as I ride with The Lord letting him order the steps. 

Check the circumstance; being built or torn down? it's like this!!  staying on one accord!!  a bruh never forgets

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