Friday, September 19, 2014

Escape Routes and Exit Strategies

I pulled out the maps and blueprints;  I even had an old school flow chart. 

No parties like the Great Gatsby!!  an escape route and exit strategy is developed;  soon they'll know I had heart. 

...Even though a hater will try to start it like ISIS in Iraq; now I have to go back to clean up the mess.

Most of the time?  we created it;  politicians wasted time debating it!! it's a hot mess. 

...But they accuse me of being a hot mess;  just call me the hot messenger. 

 I choose to take the assignment per Mission Impossible while the apparatus keeps stressing ya!! 

The Lord keeps blessing ya; now the devil is angry!!  Hunger Game peacekeepers / Star Wars Imperial stormtroopers roll up.

One accord type default settings with the Higher Power  are set!! escape routes and exit strategies are  developed when they roll up. 

The board of directors wanted me to give control up like Roger Goodell!! 

I wasn't on board the Titanic with enemy defectors!! NFL players  per Ray Rice and Brandon Marshall were gorilla pimping while I was guerilla pimping!! I'm trying to dodge one doomed to fail!!

Not on one accord with a fanatic!!  it's not hard to tell!! I'm not the HNIC like Morgan Freeman or Samuel L Jackson!! 

An escape route? I planned it!! it's not hard to tell!! soon I'm a free man!! away from all the so called action!!

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