Monday, September 08, 2014

The Combo Plate; Smoke and Mirrors and Grey Area Scenarios

Check out this fast food special; as we drop this combo plate. 

Clearance rack epiphanies are unlike Macy's NYC shop and frisk; to go along with the NYC Stop and Frisk;  tsk!  tsk!  tsk!  a fast fool succumbs to the hate. 

We skate through like Sonic's with the plate;  smoke and mirrors and grey area scenarios will combine. 

Check the Sonic Assault;  funk is dropped like it was Heiro Day per Bay Area scenarios;  as I go for mine. 

Hell is caught per Natalie Cole; damn!!  it's obvious as I observe the scene. 

Now I'm ready to roll on some next level business;  based on what's heard and scene.

Are you ready?  your soul floats through the dream!!  clashing with reality per this Super Full Moon in Pisces

Are you ready?  float on! float on!  per the Floaters; cupid shoots an arrow!!  a fool will swoon during the crisis. 

They said it's all love; some are now paying the prices for the combo plate. 

They found out it's not all love in the smoke and mirrors / grey area; check the scenario!! you'll get cut like Ray Rice!!  some come with the hate. 

Some will come with the debate concerning horror and terror from ISIS and other groups... 

Combo plates are prepared by chefs in Hell's Kitchen; it "ain't nothing nice" ..the reign began with a drizzle; work is put in by O-Dizzle, a beat he loops..

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