Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fatigue Set In

The saga / struggle continues;  but some thought it was safe per Cali Agents; then fatigue set in. 

They said they're tired of struggling!! they're dealing with flagrant agents per the arch nemesis being on the premises!!  who let them in?  

Volcanoes erupt like Mt. Ontake in Japan!! so what's up man? a bruh is out here doing his thing!!  beat blending and good word dropping.

Check the beats and prose; we're breakbeat scientific with it!!! intergalactic with it!!  cosmic slopping. 

Trouble is in these episodes per protests in Honk Kong!! who's  karmic shopping for the next purchase? 

Trouble written all over me?  shorty expected it!! I wasn't cutting a rug like Tommy Chong on Dancing With The Stars!! I was too busy raising the bars!! now collecting pennies for my thoughts!!  clearance rack epiphanies can be purchased.  

Check how we work this son!! we're showing stamina  while others say they're tired. 

From ground zero at Ferguson Missouri to the Gaza Strip and all points in between; it seems that the shot clock expired. 

But Kyrie Irving is running the show per Lebron!! but what are we on? any last minute heroics from these stoics?  it seems fatigue set in!! maybe they'll catch a second wind.

 I'm in it to win it!!  please!! it's like the season changing!!  I can feel change blowing in the wind. 

I'm in it to win it!! strange with the blend and this prose? old girl said everybody wasn't able!!

What's the deal with it? accidents occur when the fatigue set in!! some were smoked out like Kevin Ward Jr hit by Tony Stewart!! situations are unstable!!

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