Saturday, September 20, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles: Once Again It's On!! Still Dipping and Diving!!

Damn!! once again it's on!!  they had us caught up in the system / matrix;  they had us dipping and diving. 

The way I was brought up due to Louisville / Newburg default settings has me being strictly business; please!!  like the Secret Service guarding the White House? I wasn't shucking and jiving.

Dipping and diving down I-20 in Atlanta rolling solo!! but every now and then they have us coming and going. 

Slipping and sliding through portals in the mothership is the business!! I'm doing the knowledge like the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer studying dark matter on top of the ISS...I'm going for what I'm knowing. 

Every now and then? like ISIS gaffled cities in Iraq moments are stolen when I was caught up in somebody's mess. 

An instrument in the midst of it when I'm  dealing with somebody's stress? 

 I had the gist of it!!  I was wise to the set up!!  word from a veteran in the game now coaching. 

Dipping and diving down I-20 realizing it's on me!!  the last hour is approaching.  

The enemy was encroaching like Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves while the sport will decieve Jameis Winston types... 

The enemy was encroaching as the Alibaba Group cashed out!! some find out that the sport is complex after being deceived!! immature when they respond to the hypes?

This entity is not the type to believe the hypes when Public Enemy warned me not to!!

The I-20 Chronicles are in full effect! once again it's on as we keep dipping and diving!! seeing what it do!!

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