Saturday, September 20, 2014

Business As Usual / No Justice No Peace

 What's the deal? I told shorty there was no justice no peace per Ferguson. 

...up in Missouri;  the St Louis area!!! check out the mass hysteria!!  how's it working son? 

You heard me? from West Africa with the Ebola to the ATL area I told them a black man can't have any peace in this world!!

Who'll work with me? I'm peaceful!!  a funky type of soul brother!! but they told me they expected trouble out of me!!  so what unfurled? 

What's that supposed to mean?  these jokers doubt me!! meanwhile rocks were hurled like it's the Gaza Strip!! or maybe the Bluff over in Atlanta. 

Hustle knocks occurred; a brotha was about to flip!!  no justice no peace is the catch phrase!!  it's heard during protests by residents of Savannah

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