Thursday, September 11, 2014

Next Level Mission PT.2 (Business Is Handled )

Once again it's on as this next level business is conducted. 

Once again it's on!!  per Home Depot and JP Morgan Chase I see databases were interfered with by the next devil;  now they're corrupted. 

...Just like the masses are corrupted due to the rat race / dollar chase;  Mr Cole said it's dog eat dog out here! 

Now classes and seminars are conducted by O-Dog and O-Zone;  during the ongoing crisis they'll rock!! that's how they roll!! they're  just telling my folk it's rough out here!!

Like ISIS in Iraq the masses were affected by the smoke and mirrors;  the fog is getting worse!! pundits and naysayers said it's just our imagination. 

...Running away with us per the Temptations;  but yield not to temptation was sung at the old school Baptist church!!  check the situation. 

Some were running away from the new school one; it was like being  at "da club"

...Meanwhile oath keepers are gunning away at the family per Ferguson Missouri; it's ground zero or the hub. 

...Meanwhile O-Dizzle hooked up the dub as next level business is conducted. 

What it do? like Apollo Nida rushing Phaedra Parks about the commissary the saga / struggle continues per the masses being corrupted. 

So what's up? some were waiting in the dark as  John McCain types try to gloat when previously they were seen in glamour shots...

We're still on this next level mission; we're trying to maintain!! your damned if you do or don't in these spots..

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