Saturday, September 13, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / Still Out Here Dipping and Diving

What it do? check out these I-20 Chronicles; please!!  your homie is still out here dipping and diving. 

Acting like I knew about these and those;  real breakbeat scientific business is going down!!  I wasn't shucking and jiving.

 I'm arriving on time per the Brothers Johnson;  how are some responding? please!!  I'm out here dodging plots and schemes from nefarious ones trying to hurt.

Time will reveal per Debarge;  I was also aware of the Sagittarius blurt. 

Time to chill after playing in the dirt;  somebody should tell Dick Cheney that per his opinion on ISIS in Iraq.

 He probably helped them get started per arms sales;  "it ain't nothing nice"  check the crisis in Ukraine!!  he helped start that. 

Check the crisis mane!  you'll get caught out there like Adrian Peterson or Ray Rice; who's in the heart of that?  contributing to the confusion with their shucking and jiving. 

I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; a bruh is paying the price!! staying ten steps ahead of these Hunger Game type peacekeepers / stormtroopers;  I was dipping and diving.

I'm getting down!! dude up in the spot told me the moving target strategy seemed to be working!! 

Attitudes are shown by moving and grooving!! "holla at playa" if you see him those streets!!  this us how we're working! 

Attitudes shown will hurt things!!  positive or negative? meanwhile longitudes and latitudes will spot us where the next level is

Wrong moods made us make a mess of it!! plus it shows us where the devil is!!

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