Saturday, September 27, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / Out There Early As The Seasons Change

Check out these I-20 Chronicles; we're out out here early!! it's a new season!! it's official due to the Autumnal Equinox.

Drinking Central American coffee from the QuikTrip on Panola Road!! what's the mode? it's a new reason per airstrikes against the Islamic State!! that's according to so called officials with their hustle knocks.

Thinking about American dreams that turn into nightmares; the QuikTrip up in Ferguson was burned down!! that was due to officials and their hustle knocks.

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta one step ahead of Dekalb authorities aka  Hunger Games type peacekeepers; driving to the hoop? check the finger waving due to Dikembe Mutombo shot blocks!! 

It's going down!! no justice no peace comes to mind!! but there's no dust on the clocks interfering with the time!!  it keeps on ticking and ticking per Steve Miller

....Especially when one tries to fly like an eagle; but down here in Georgia? you'll be interfered with by a legal eagle;  a Nathan Shady Dealer.

Reality is hitting harder than a Pittsburgh Steeler jacking up Cam Newton;  perspectives were revealed at the press conference

We're rolling down I-20 like we're on Yonge Street in Toronto; we'll get there pronto!! even though seasons changed / now reasons change; that's  due to debatable circumstances

Being built or torn down? young and old schools were thrown out in these streets!!  treasons changed some of the constituents.

Seasons change but haters didn't turn the level of scorn down per Palin vs Obama!! we still deal with it. 

Residents of houses built with glass shouldn't throw rocks especially when brawls occur there!!

Jazz, funk, house and hip hop are dropped! we're out here early!! trying to take it there!!


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