Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cutting The Corner PT.3 (After Laying In The Cut)

Your homie is laying in the cut;  I was chilling like a solar storm! but soon I'll cut the corner on them. 

Karma is laying for the corrupt;  like ISIS in the Mideast were they the norm? they'll get what's coming to them. 

It's on them!! that's what's up!!  meanwhile I had work to do like the Isley Brothers

The style / steelo might not work for you;  the wise and otherwise will be surprised by these brothers. 

The file of a Negro will be pulled;  per the FBI, DEA and NSA the alphabet boys know all about you.

 Bets are placed like it's Las Vegas per Floyd Mayweather;  the system had it's doubts about you. 

The storms and clouds were like May weather!! the championship bout threw you for a loop!!  it was like the "Thrilla in Manila"

....or is it like Ray Rice in the elevator? we're cutting the corner on a hater!! the mothership has landed!!  I was laying in the cut in the mist with the guerrillas

Knowing what the deal is!! soon I'll be ready to roll after observing the scene. 

I cut the corner on them so now it's on them!!  know what I mean?

These sonic defenders were like Marvel Avengers!! we kept it moving because moving targets were hard to hit. 

Next level business is conducted after cutting the corner / after laying in the cut;  we refuse to quit or forfeit.

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