Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Who Had The Story Twisted PT.4 (Damned If We Do Or Don't)

It's like the just passed Labor Day family reunion; or maybe like bombs dropped on ISIS in Syria and Iraq;  the drama is revisited.

They even tried to call my name like Switch / Debarge was calling "your girl"  but my number is unlisted. 

Who's large and in charge per Cam Newton dressed like a girl? now the drama will unfurl!! but I had the gist of it!!  I was wise to the whole set up. 

Tore up the list of it or them;  what?  the demands!!  a bruh understands like a True Detective!!  so I kept it moving!! I can't let up! 

Some had the story twisted!!  they were called bandwagon revolutionaries per Ferguson, Missouri!!  damn!! now the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown issues have chilled!!

They had the story twisted like these bandwagon Atlanta Falcon fans!! the Brotha  O-Zone understands;  I chilled. 

I wasn't gorilla pimping like NFL players!!  I had work to do like the Isleys. 

I'm more like guerrilla pimping;  nothing the apparatus does surprises me. 

O-Zone is a real deal Holyfielder!! while parking lot pimping flagrant agents size me up!! 

Danger zone representatives told me they thought I'd be trouble!! shorty said I was an old school pimp!! but this is not a simple thing!! to the next level? I'm trying to rise up!!

Please!! these jokers have the story twisted!! we're out there!! trying to rise up like the India Mars Orbiter Mission, also known as Mangalyaan

Please!! these jokers have the story twisted!! like the attack on ISIS authorized by Obama  a brotha is damned if he did or didn't!! but we kept on playing!!

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