Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Litigation

Some were involved in litigation; like Eric Holder resigning they're  undergoing reality divorces. 

Negotiations were fierce like Jameis Winston extortion claims!! some were bolder!! plus, due to ongoing economic conditions there was a lack of resources.

 Little sister wore the piercings!!  but don't dress like a black guy at Hulk Hogan's restaurant? what's up with that?  interference will bring crash courses to the school of hard knocks.

 Whatcha knowing? clearance rack epiphanies are dropped by O-Zone!!  plus O-Dizzle rocks. 

Whatcha knowing? no security clearance given like Afghan troops missing from Cape Cod. 

As I steer this mothership through the galaxy Star Wars stormtroopers plus Hunger Game Peacekeepers will roll up on the squad. 

A brother gets scientific;  beats?  I loop those!! now UN peacekeepers and weapons inspectors sweat the technique. 

Meanwhile a punishment glutton continues the cycle of pain!!  the outlook is bleak. 

Astonishment is shown!! damn!!  the motorcyclist rides through the rain!! they didn't check the forecast per Al Roker. 

What's up with it?  now they're in litigation after bumping heads with a foul joker. 

What's the style of a joker? supposedly masterminds like ISIS commanders!!  soon identified like the narrator / beheader in the videos..

Litigation for the mile walker in our shoes? they wanted a rebate for paying the dues!! somebody might feel these or those!!

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