Friday, March 06, 2015

Out There / Ouside The Box PT.8


Feeling the pain; the storming hasn't ceased in our lives, we'll get hit up!! stranded on I-65 in Kentucky!!

Even baby girl said it's all love; but she dipped; I'm listening to the Chi-Lites; Have You Seen Her? so what's up with me?

Had to admit; I'm a dreamer!! you might have *Caught Me Out There*   trying to find a better way...

Outside The Box; taking *The Express Route* it got lonely out there but we kept on running!!   trying to make it to a better day...

Maybe unlock the mothership and take mystic voyages per the Mars Venus Expresss!! up in the clouds above it all...

Like trying to find an Ebola vaccine that doesn't make one sicker a brotha gets scientific, as I observe the scene; I took a look around!!  some are gluttons for punishment; they love it all!!

Some even act like they know a bruh!! they said I'm corrupt like Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey or maybe like Jim Boeheim, so what's the score? 

It's not hard to tell who's down and who's not; that's why I'm Outside The Box!!  even though I tried to open the door..

I tried to get back in; who was I fooling? these days I'll stay in my lane or  *Play My Position*

Jokers were catching touchdown passes like Brandon Marshall but still getting traded;  so how were they living?

Running back the kickoff like Felix Jones?  or cooling out like Jerry Jones; up in the owners box? 

O-Dog will bring the funky track; The Good Word is O-Zone's; These brothas are Outside The Box...

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