Saturday, October 15, 2016

D.I.Y. Lounge – Living Lounge Mix (Full Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; this is the Saturday Night Fever Edition..

Cooling out on a Saturday Evening!! previously? bets were odd or even; now the Lord we petition..

Ruling out some that ‘holla at me” what were the intentions? what was the agenda?

Schooling some out here!! how are they living? hip to these inventions by a pretender..

Soul music, jazz music and house music we’re put in a blender!! now we’re checking out D.I.Y. Lounge – Living Lounge Mix (Full Mix) 

It’s courtesy of DJ Disma, uplifting conditions that are dismal!! check out the playlist and the mix..

01 00:00 Koom.h – Mr. Cool
02 05:45 Shawn Ward – Jazzy Dream
03 10:20 The Haggis Horns – The Traveller Part Two
04 18:25 Kick Bong – Duby Cure
05 23:30 Onur Ozman – Play My
06 29:40 Metropolitan Jazz Affair – Yunowhathislifeez [Motor City Mix]
07 34:00 Sweet Coffee – Is This Love
08 38:35 Chilling Matenda – Mediteran
09 45:40 Rivera Rotation – Waterdrops
10 50:50 Saine – Donny
11 54:40 freakniks – kalimba (flute mix)
12 59:20 Roberto Sol – Miles Beyond

D.I.Y. Lounge – Living Lounge Mix (Full Mix) | Whats Really Going On?

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