Monday, October 24, 2016

What's The Mood Dude? PT. 9 (Scorpio Season)

It's like a doctor taking the pulse;  we're asking,  what's the mood dude? 

We're rocking ya!!  Scorpio season is here, of course it's  affecting the attitude.

 Like Donald Trump, lewd with the behavior? in the sport for a reason?  knocking ya hustle, that's how some were. 

Trying to get over the hump per Parliament and The Bop Gun? shrewd how they enslaved ya!! they didn't abort the treason!!  many tactics used in spiritual warfare.

Trying to get over the hump?  we take it there!!  still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta this past weekend!!  traffic was stacked up westbound from Conyers to Decatur. 

..Just like it is on this Monday morning as I write this, but we take it there, listening to CDs stacked up from Parliament per Westbound Records from Detroit Michigan like  John Conyers!!  this is the sonic assault as funk / breakbeat science is dropped on a hater.

...after they were loathing / fearing / scorning on this intergalactic aviator!! a dude is putting it down from Pluto to Mars!! now back down on earth from Johannesburg to the ATL /  Charlotte / Mecklenberg to  Louisville / Newburg!!

Power steering / automatic pilot on the mothership, but the Lord is over all of it so I'm not worried about presidential elections!! ignored debates with all that lying from the bogus!! what's the mood dude? the apparatus is mad because I didn't merge!!

What's the mood dude?  Oh!! I was steering / swerving  the mothership down I-20 here in Atlanta through these intersections listening to Miguel Atwood Ferguson and Flying Lotus as I merge into traffic!! 

What's the mood dude? the apparatus is interfering with freedom from Baton Rouge to Tulsa to Charlotte to ground zero in Ferguson; the outcome was tragic...

What's the mood dude? check the status, we're back with it!! like a doctor taking the pulse, the heart rate was too high from being stressed out /  overworking!! my peeps are in survival mode..

 What's the mood dude? check the status, we're back with it in the midst of Scorpio season!! peeping game, checking out the arrival / the mode...

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