Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Making It Harder Than It Had To Be PT.10 (Karmic Repercussions)

Making It Harder Than It Had To Be? from the ATL to out west in the Bay Area my peeps deal with the mass hysteria. 

My peeps in the ATL rock old school number 7 Michael Vicks!!   out west, actually nationwide it's  number 7 Colin Kaepernicks ; Falcons to 49ers!!

Colin Powell said he's not the one to blame while old fools peep game!! damn!! still rolling seven, crapping out in the game!! just trying to hit a lick!!

Rolling foul? old rules still apply!! they're buried in the fine print!!  Supreme Court vs Obama  type rulings made them stick.

A fine mess we made!! the Supreme Worshipful Master couldn't get lodge members to act right!! In Like Flint type of moves were made!! per the drama, making it harder than it had to be?

Karmic repercussions for polluting the water in Flint?  anything heard during the ongoing debates / discussions concerning endorsements / indictments?  where will a pundit's heart be?  

Karmic repercussions? we come with percussions and these discussions!! enlightenment,  as we get breakbeat scientific..

Haters come with interruptions!! they show excitement per their corruptions from the Atlantic to the Pacific...

Dealing with impromptu sessions from Syria  to Decatur Georgia!! capers pulled, spotted the homies dipping in the stolen Chevy Impala..

Making It Harder Than It Had To Be?  introducing mass hysteria but now papers are pulled, the break is over!!  we're Moving Forward, just passed a mile marker..

Making It Harder Than It Had To Be? we provide a spark for ya as we all deal with karmic repercussions..

Let the Healing Process Begin!! some don't realize it, but we're all on the same page!! breakbeat science dropped in these discussions!!

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