Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What's The Mood Dude? PT.10 (The Concept Finale)

 They gave me the side eye / stank eye / sideways glance, as if to ask what's the mood dude?

Please!! I continue to ride for freedom, last episode I mentioned Scorpio Season so a dude has a new attitude...

The saga / struggle will continue per this survival mode!! The Scorpio King dealt with treason like Bill and Hillary Clinton talking slick about Obama a few years ago, now they need him and Michelle's help in this election..

The saga / struggle will continue even though this is the "What's The Mood Dude"  finale; the madness didn't stop!!  The Timex Social Club mentioned a Mixed Up World, some continue to search for perfection.. 

The saga / struggle will continue, some are rude in the search for perfection like Donald Trump but beats will thump and this good word is dropped..

 The saga / struggle will continue, crude oil burned in the Mideast per ISIS creating toxic dumps?  the madness hasn't stopped!!

What's the mood dude?  I stopped fooling with those crooks!!  like the Pentagon taking enlistment bonuses from veterans they'll take your money,  then laugh.

What's the mood dude? I hip hopped with bars and hooks, drums and samples, dropping math.

We kept on running,  we never stopped!!  we keep moving forward,  we weren't  theWalking Dead, we're  on a different path..

We kept on drumming, we never stopped!! others are threatened by these war drums, it's like they're walking with a Bob Marley natty dread type even though I rock the baldy, but still revolutionary!!  but we have to keep praying, staying on the right path..

Cosmic slopped like Funkadelic, retro-futuristic not a relic!! but stopped fooling with these gamblers out for a fast buck!! money was made off the books like Wells Fargo, I peeped game!!  black market examples were provided..

 What's the mood dude?  check this concept finale but the this is not the final conflict!!  Intergalactic!!  rolling on the mothership!!! I parked it on earth where good and evil collided.

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