Monday, October 31, 2016

Winds Of Change Are Blowing PT.2 (A Portal Opened Up)

We're  back with it!!  check the weather!! we're blowing in like a Donald Byrd Wind Parade!! this is no charade!! there's Spiritual Significance in this operation!! 

Winds of change are blowing! word from this King, Scorpion!  fighting a war within a war!!  weapons used? sounds are played and his good word is dropped but naysayers say this is Hazardous Material  as we rock the nation.

Actually? universal / intergalactic with this!!  like the New Moon in Scorpio we're in the sport again!! it's like North Korea testing rockets!! we're rocking the galaxy!! 

Like Isley Brothers we had word to do!! back with it!! we know how the sport will go, knocking the hustle will be a haters move so we drop this, fighting back!! funky is how the sound will be...

All up in the spot? winds of change are blowing!! a portal opened up per  Halloween / Samhain? they say it's when the boundary between this world and the Otherworld could more easily be crossed!!

All up in the spot? it's not strange, so whatcha knowing? you'll get jacked for it, not just in the hood but anywhere!!! even Hillary Clinton is caught up in shady dealing even though she bossed!!

All up in the spot?  some swagged, flexed, fronted and flossed!! meanwhile over off of Candler Road in Decatur due to economic conditions my folk feel the frustration.

All up in the spot? some bragged / boasted like these Atlanta Falcon fans after Green Bay was beat but it's rough out here in these streets!! most of us are caught up in an unpleasant situation.

Winds of change are blowing,  even in Iraq per Mosul,  so ISIS is going virtual; during your ongoing crisis who'll work with you? recognize what it do.

Things are strange!!  as these portals open up haters will try to steal your soul!! they even make a mockery of what I do.

Things are strange!! even the Tomb of Jesus was opened up in Jerusalem...

Meanwhile beats bang and this thesis statement is dropped by this warrior of peace per Azar Lawrence ; but some said I'm acting brand new again..


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