Thursday, October 06, 2016

What's The Mood Dude? PT.2 (Life Is Hectic)

Side eyes / sideways glances were received like Sean Hannity vs Megyn Kelly, soon someone asked;  what's the mood dude? 

I told them life is hectic, understand me when I say my peeps were disrespected!! what can some tell me?  I'm trying not to let it affect my attitude.

No rose hued /  rose colored glasses are worn!! excuse me but  no pretty pictures are painted.

Behind the scenes?  due to my conduct? like a Samsung product the Galaxy Note 7 this byproduct is tainted. 

Behind the scenes?  processing raw material, once again it's on!! we  stained the glass like old school churches. 

Behind the scenes?  some say it's hazardous material, they can't work with this. 

Behind the dreams?  what's the mood dude? blue collar work is put in,  even though some of these dreams turned into nightmares..

Behind the plots and schemes?  jokers were rude like Hurricane Matthew blowing through!! like Haiti my peeps feel how the hate will be!! check the collateral damage per these spiritual warfares!
Who's on your team? some are asking, what's the mood dude?  what we have is spiritual but like old girl said everybody ain't able.  

It seemed mamby-pamby land residents still wanted to hear the fable. 

What's the mood dude? we're bringing something different to the table. 

It's soul food; check the nourishment provided in a world that's unstable. 

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