Thursday, October 20, 2016

What's The Mood Dude PT.7 (Throwback / Thirsty Thursday Edition)

It's going down on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday; I mentioned the motivation, fueled by being hungry and thirsty..

Retro-futuristic, I go back and move forward!! somebody asked, what's the mood dude? I told them I'm trying to get somebody to work with me...

Let it go, you missed it I was told!! what's good? somebody said it was rigged like Trump per the election..

From the get go? I stayed in survival mode / riding for freedom mode!! beats thump in the hooptie while parked at the intersection..

 From the get go? survival mode was like Aleppo!! my arrival  delayed due to information overload?  somebody asked what's the mood dude?  check out the response to those and these!!

Chilling out, dipped back to the community!! I'm up in Chamblee / Doraville Georgia outside of Atlanta  with the so called #badhombres.  

....As we get with you!! using our Diplomatic Immunity, God will bless understand me? others may have lost it, it's real serious, but some take it too serious.

That can be detrimental, as some get accosted trying to dip through, guns will slip through like the fast and furious.

But that can be detrimental!! what's the mood dude? curiosity killed the cat up on the pole!! damn!! he was caught on a live wire.

O-Dog used an instrumental to let you know what's good!!  he'll shoot it before the shot clock expires.

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors penetrated by live wires / hot mics per Billy Bush and Donald Trump?  

No joke!! I looked in mirrors while posted up in glass houses so I'm not judging!!  lost me while pimping like Bill Clinton or dipping like Hillary with Vince Foster!! what's the mood dude? some folks minds are in the dump...

What's the mood dude? reigns of terror made it hard for some of us to get over the hump!!

What's the mood dude? we're out here dropping this breakbeat science but we're not like  Rodrigo Duterte, on a bully pulpit or stump.

What's the mood dude? scores are dropping as questions on the multiple choice test of life stump my constituents..

What's the mood dude? on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday toil and strife is on the menu, still dealing with it...

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