Wednesday, October 05, 2016

What's The Mood Dude?

Like fact checking the vice presidential debate inquiring minds wanted to know!! some even asked me, what's the mood dude? 

Life? back breaking, blue collar style!! tiring / exhausting!!  at the end of the day? constituents are subdued..

The morale seems low, some had to evacuate / break north / get low as Hurricane Matthew does damage...

The morale seems low, some will show hate if your not having fun anymore per Odell Beckham Jr; they'll act brand new with ya during the ongoing scrimmage..

Others act shrewd, acting like they knew  like Julian Assange and WikiLeaks promising October Surprises.. 

Others act shrewd, like Yahoo scanning e-mails for US intelligence agencies!! flagrant is the business, but there should be no surprises!!

Per survival / the pursuit of prizes? the mood is melancholy!! so what it do?. who's trying to fake it / frolic? spotted all up in the folly! 

What will the style be?  this dude is chilling but can take it to the bridge like Rodrigo Duterte vs Obama even though that dude is not really ready for the drama!!  trying to get thrown under the bus or trolley?

What's the mood dude? trying to start beef like Ollie's Trolley up in Louisville or at the Burger King?

Not being rude but the chief of my dominion, of course with God's blessing!! your working with a king.

Ignoring a drama bringer, throwing salt into the game!! then taunting a brotha; "what will God do for you now?" please!! My belief will conflict with that of an agent of Babylon.

What's the mood dude? my relief? when I kick knowledge to them!!  they get the Good Word from O-Zone.

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