Friday, October 21, 2016

What's The Mood Dude? PT.8

Side-eyes / sideway glances were received; it's as if jokers wanted to ask; what's the mood dude?

Prize pursuits have some taking chances, facing charges like Rick Pitino as Katina Powell type haters multi-task, wet and dry snitching!!  the behavior was rude..

Sometimes the behavior was lewd like Donald Trump's posted up on bully pulpits and stumps waxing poetic...

Behavior reminded me of a grown up Lumpy Rutherford from Leave It To Beaver bullying  the Cleaver boys, justice will be poetic..

O-Zone?  life is hectic, that's whats up with it!!  back in the day? I tried to dip through in the Olds Delta 88 with slick tires,  plus it was leaking oil.

Shadetree mechanics said I needed rings in the engine, but I'm Intergalactic out beyond Saturn's Rings mentioned by Ernest Gonzalez; Out There, standing alone against the world!! a by product of my behavior / my strife /my toil?

What's the mood dude?  a dude does his thing, I act like I knew!! I changed my life!! seeds are planted in fertile soil.

Bear witness to this harvest...from secret gardens...maybe even the one Quincy Jones and Barry White talked about!! going all out!! on the stove the pot will boil.

Some know what the deal is!! I didn't have to ask them what's the mood dude, I can see what they're going through...

Some know what the real is!! oh!! it's like fighting ISIS, claiming victory in Mosul but then we're under attack in Kirkuk, so what it do? 

What's the mood dude? there's always something, presidential pardons will not stop the madness...

What's the mood dude? on this Flashback / Freaky Friday we bring this soul food!! we're back with this...


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