Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What's The Mood Dude PT.4 (The I-20 Chronicles Edition)

Somebody asked: what's the mood dude? here we go again,  providing the response to these and those. 

In Libra sunrays we basked!! shrewd!! we're still here, blessed!!  not off the market like Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so what's up with those? 

Liberal? conservative? what's the mood dude? how will we work it? it's like Hillary Clinton booed at a Trump Rally; lock her up is heard!! the devil will oppose!

How will we work it? what's the vehicle used?  you know a dude used these I-20 Chronicles. 

..Just like the hooptie used as a vehicle dipping through these Atlanta streets. 

Just like the truth will be twisted by politicians;  like Hillary Clinton e-mails I avoid alt shift deletes. 

...Plus I'm not pimping through these streets like Donald Trump,  stalking and intimidating like at the debate. 

Rolling with The African Americans,  part of my heritage son!! we're the ones society hates. 

What's the mood dude? rolling down I-20 , soon in Decatur off of Candler Road;  fates determined?  spotted birds flying outside the matriarch's window before she was called home. 

Angels putting work in / delivering messages?  damn!!  impacting what's called the dome. 

What's the mood dude? impacting my mind? on this earth,   angels and demons impacting my kind?  who'll reverse the curse? 

What's the mood dude? big beat tracking,  plus while rolling down I-20 per these chronicles my mind interprets the angles!!  Siemens type mechanical engineering,  trying to avoid scenarios that are the worst. 

Stacking the cards was the *gambler out for a fast buck*  motivation not just on this Tuesday

 What's the mood dude? check out these Tuesday Thoughts! racking up the arch nemesis like Louisville Cardinals with  Lamar Jackson;  a passing or running play.

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