Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Outback Chronicles (Scorpio Season Edition)

 Once again it's on!!  seasons / reasons change!!  it's going down, as the wind blows leaves from the trees.

Outback raking,  others out of it faking the funk,  like Obama reading Donald Trump mean tweets?  sick like the Zika virus or some disease? 

Out of it?  please!!  Scorpio Season is here!! leaves are falling from trees as winds of change are blowing!!  I feel it in the air like Phil Collins. 

Doubts about it? reason for the treason? damn!  Scorpio King or the King of Pain per the Police?  I'm trying to block shots like Tree Rollins.

Back with it, knowing how the sport will go, not living outback  where the wild things are fighting for survival!! but sometimes I wonder as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta one step ahead of the police like brothas worldwide!! taking a look around?  parallel dimensions coincided..

Back with it!! not pimping like  squirrels outback hiding nuts as the weather cools off!! similar to Wells Fargo types snatching the money and trying to hide it? 

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