Monday, October 17, 2016

I-85 Chronicles (Once Again, We're Carolina Cruising)

Check out these I-85 Chronicles!! we're  Carolina Cruising!! we're back at the scene of the crime. 

The response to these in those? things were out of control per the  Charlotte protests; winning?  losing?  reality is bruising and battering my kind. 

From the ATL to Charlotte and all points beyond we're in the heart of it! the pain is felt! 

...Plus gamblers out for a fast buck we're slick with it per Trump and a rigged election!! some are paying for bad cards that are dealt. 

Ramblers off at the mouth mentioned bad luck like Julio Jones gaffled by Richard Sherman but we continue working!! we roll through these zones!! the I-85 Chronicles are similar to my I-20 interpretations.

Ramblers off at the mouth mentioned Jerry Jones should keep Dak Prescott in the lineup per their instigations..

We're handling business down south in these danger zones!! home of Dred Scott Decisions leading to Nat Turner / Nate Parker's Birth Of A Nation..

These days? drama goes down from Candler Road in Decatur to  Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte mentioned in publications. 

Checked the situations;  my peeps were rolling down Candler Road in Decatur and  Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte in  Donks, Boxes and Bubbles!!  spotted the old school "Stankin Lankins"  rolling on 26's. 

Checked the situations;  fast food joints  / liquor stores  / check cashing places lined the strips. 

Uptown Charlotte?  Wells Fargo strips officers of stripes like Chuck Connors in Branded. 

Down I-26 in Charleston?  Keith Lamont Scott was funeralized while up in Lake Norman Donald Trump was storming after private jets landed. 

The drama was starting and actually continues in the Carolinas, surprising some like struggles by the Carolina Panthers..

A brotha? soon departing,  rolling back to the ATL per this breakbeat scientific business; somebody might understand us..

The mothership will land us back on this ATL planet; blessings taken for granted? I'm trying to maintain focus..

A brotha gets scientific as I repel the attack; pain is introduced by the bogus...

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