Saturday, October 29, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles: Back In The Neighborhood

Guess who's back?  I'm back in the neighborhood on this Saturday morning!! this is a familiar time slot...

I'm back in the neighborhood with these I-20 Chronicles, haters still scorning / loathing / fearing? oh yes!! per 2 Chronicles 33:6 crooks and familiar spirits scheme and plot..

I'm back in the neighborhood with these I-20 Chronicles!!  hooks, bars and his own beats per DJ O-Dog's Street Funk  play in the hooptie from over on Candler Road in Decatur to Glenwood Road where the 107 MARTA bus runs...

What's the mood dude? that's the question asked, I respond to these and those!! excuse me but I've been hood back to my Louisville / Newburg days / ways:   even though due to student loans,  college education led to cost overruns... 

Jokers said I was rude after they were accosted by the drums!! it was like the FBI still probing Hillary Clinton about e-mails... 

Jokers were shrewd per Trump and Clinton Foundations, big pimping!!  meanwhile I was busy bringing  these sounds to the nation!!  per Christopher Cross?  or maybe even the Rodney Franklin version? a dude sails!!

Jokers were shrewd!! reality's flagrant agents punched me with a right hook and left cross!! damn!! what are they doing? is it some kind of paranormal activity? damn!! they didn't even know it, just following that hater's script!! I was following my own script, they were intrigued by how a brotha does it.

Check these I-20 Chronicles; they're dealing with a true player from the Himalayas, but saying prayers!!  not like those parasites, they're not the norm!! watch out!! easy does it!!

Check these I-20 Chronicles; an elder over in Decatur dropped insight, told me since I'm from the  Himalayas I  might just slip on the ice!! is it  melting due to global warming?

Check these I-20 Chronicles: might dip back to the community!!  it's not nice on the Eastside with the Jeffersons!! that's a warning.

Diplomatic Immunity is exercised...God is in the blessing business.

A fanatic tries to act brand new with me, but I'm taking care of business.

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