Thursday, October 27, 2016

Technical Difficulties Pt. 8 (Guess Who's Back?)

 May have mentioned earlier, I was chilling out!! but then I heard a voice saying, guess who's back?

It wasn't Scarface, Beanie Sigel and Jay Z and them!! quit playing, it's Scorpio Season!!  plus it was trouble, damn!! keep up / keep track!!

Barred from the race? damn!! now I'm posted up in another area due to the technical difficulties.

Denial of service? damn!!  it's hard to swerve with this!! now like Trump running for president some question the abilities. 

Defiant after suddenly feeling like a giant,  standing alone against the world.

Lied about it? oh yes the street committee's rumors  will bury you like Bishop Eddie Long!!   jokers are wrong,  bringing confusion into the world. 

Freddie's dead /  gone not just the Superfly song!!  he took a rough ride in Baltimore.

Others were misled, technical difficulties have them gambling with fate like they knew the score. 

Listening to George Benson, now who'll caste their fate to the wind? they're questioning their abilities due to the winds of change blowing, I noticed it  while I was outback. 

Per the chronicles,  the response to these and those!! even though technical difficulties are back I wasn't out of it. 

The response from these and those? they had their doubts about it, abilities were questioned!!

We'll overcome these technical difficulties; with this breakbeat science? we'll bless them...

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