Friday, October 28, 2016

Winds Of Change Are Blowing (Wise To The Set Up)

The whole game is shady, even Trump said call the election off and declare him the winner...

He said it's over now, so where do we go from here? Ted Cruz says block the Supreme Court nomination; GOP the winner?

We're trying to get over; winds of change are blowing,  Scorpio Season is here!! win? lose? I fell back to determine the direction.

The daughter of chaos seduced, but I was wise to the set up!! she's strange per Cameo, and I didn't like it!! from the bottom to the top!! who determines perfection?

Laughter is heard during the chaos, I was wise to the set up!! the so called pundit / expert was just another human making a cameo appearance, disrespecting a brotha.

Winds Of Change Are Blowing!! told some to get back off me,  I'm going for what I'm knowing but I'm only human like the song by the Human League!! dealing with interference from another.
Winds Of Change Are Blowing!! no fear is shown while conceptualizing per leaves being raked outside; intrigued by the wildlife fighting for survival reminding me of humans;  those chronicles were discussed earlier.

Surprising some when these epiphanies were put on the clearance rack!!  like A Ukrainian group calling itself Cyber Hunta hacking Russian e-mails giving them a taste of their own medicine no security clearance is given for that!!  so who'll work with a bro? 

In the meantime and between time a dude is maintaining; wise to the whole set up!!  a fake one deceives the masses so they can get over. 

Winds Of Change Are Blowing!! I kept moving, I couldn't let up!!  I told a fake one who deceives the game is over

Winds Of Change Are Blowing!! the blame is over / through accepting the blame!! it's over,  but what a fool believes was discussed by the Doobie Brothers

We were wise to the whole set up, now some are mad / some cussed out these dubious brothers. 

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